Expired domains have more juice.
Make use of Expired Domains


PerfectDomain.com is the new premiere domain market place offering unique features at a low commission rate of 7% (Only for DNForum.com users that park their domains and use the link in this post to sign up

Some of the great features of perfectdomain.com are

  • 50% rebate off the commission on your first sale!
  • Special reduced sales commission on any names listed through your account. Pay only 7% (instead of the standard 10%) on all sales when the domain is DNS parked.
  • Every domain name gets a dedicated local URL and a FREE logo.
  • Your own dedicated portfolio page. Tip: Forward your own domain to your PerfectDomain.com sales page to have your own domain shop. This is a great option to facilitate easy access for domain name buyers/sellers to see all your listings.
  • It shows value of domain by estibot.com

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