Expired Domains for Links

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Buying Expired Domain Thousands of domains expire daily.If you are buying any expired domain then always check PA/DA of them and try to grab a domain with DA 25+. Check domain with Google banned checker and make sure it is not banned. Google AdSense ban with AdSense Sandbox Checker . Check backlinks free using seoprofiler Most of the expired … Read more

What Happens to Expired Domains


Expired Domains What is an expired Domain Name? An expired Domain Name is a Domain Name which was previously registered but the owner did not re-register it.   What happens to expired domains Once your domain is marked Pending Delete, there’s no turning back—the domain may be lost forever. After this  one of the following … Read more

Expired Domain Make no Money

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What is Expired Domain What is an expired Domain Name? An expired Domain Name is a Domain Name which was previously registered but the owner did not re-register it. If a Domain Name expires, it becomes available for anyone to register. There are hundreds of website suggesting to buy Expired Domains for flipping for profits. … Read more

Riskiest and Spammy TLDs


nasty Domain Extension on internet My search for Number of Expired Domains which led to profit by sale, led me to zero results.But I encountered one interesting website.This is krebsonsecurity.com.Here I found one article on most spammy and riskiest TLDs .The article is by Brian Krebs.He worked as a reporter for The Washington Post from 1995 to 2009, … Read more

Christmas Gift

christmas gift

Christmas special – List a domain for sale $2,000 max This offer weas published in thedomains,on December 21,2018 by RAYMOND HACKNEY and all offers and contents are from his publication.Raymond is a writer, domain trader and consultant based in Pennsylvania. Raymond is the founder of 3Character.com and TLDInvestors.com. The offer is very good to sell domain without … Read more

Brand Name

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Register all Extensions If you want to operate a Web site using your new brand name, you will need a domain name. Once decided on a brand name, check on the availability of domain name. Search through domain-name registry like GoDaddy.com,above.com  etc and if it is available to register, grab it immediately. If this domain … Read more

Any Domain will Work


“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet This is a popular reference to William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet, what is special about a name? The thing we call a rose would be just as sweet-smelling if it were called something else. I want to say there is nothing in domain name.Any name … Read more

Domain Name Appraisal


What is worth of a Domain This is the most import question a domainer should ask before investing. Why should a domain be bought or created if it does not pay off ? Domain name investment is like Virtual Real Estate investment and needs to give good returns. Prior to buying and selling a Domain, … Read more

What is Domain

what is domain

When IP address is available than why Domain Name Invention of Internet The invention of the Internet started from early 1900  and matured in 1960. First practical schematics for the Internet arrived during that time.The invention of the internet is not work of one single person. This is collective cumulative efforts of geeks.computer scientists.They developed the concept … Read more

Mothers Day

mothers day

Why no Website with domain “mothersday.com: I mentioned earlier of Two domains which are for sale but do not have any website. They are very important social Domains. I thought of searching for equally important Domains,motherday.com and mothersday.com. 1.Motherday.com-Unavailable, May be available at uniregistry.com  ask for a quote. 2.Mothersday.com-Unavailable, Maybe available at domainnamesales.com  ask for … Read more